Profiling controls are not shown after the profiling is started


After you start a profiling session, dotMemory shows the message "The profiler is running. Waiting for connection from the profiling process." but profiling controls are not loaded.

Possible reasons

  • Firewall software prohibits TCP connection to localhost.


 Allow connections to localhost from any port in your firewall software.


  • The application you are trying to profile is not a .NET application.


1. Check whether you chose the right profiling target. It is possible that a wrong executable file was specified in profiling options or a wrong process was selected for attaching.

2. Make sure the profiled application is a .NET application.
The more complex profiling scenario is when you are going to profile a .NET process that is run by a non-.NET process. In such a case, enable the Profile child processes checkbox in profiling session settings.


3. If the previous steps don’t help, try to profile your application as a .NET Process. To run a profiling session, select Local | .NET Process on the dotMemory Home page.


  • dotMemory hangs when trying to connect to broken or disabled performance counters.


Follow this article to fix performance counters issues.

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It certainly is a .NET application so I tried the other option.
To begin with "Allow connections to localhost from any port in your firewall software" is not really descriptive.
And even after I did that the problem remains the same.


"Allow connections to localhost from any port in your firewall software."

I have no firewall and still see this message.


The issue I had was solved by simply starting dotMemory in administrator mode.  This should be the first and most obvious possible reason and solution.

Hope this helps.


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