Timeline is not working on Windows Server 2003 R2

If timeline is not working even for standalone processes, please follow this guide.

Possible case:

Performance counter symbols may not be installed correctly.

To verify the issue:

1) Go to 'Start | Administrative tools | Performance'

2) Right click on plot and select 'Add Counters'

3) Select 'Performance object .NET CLR Memory'

4) Verify that there is no Process ID counter listed

To resolve the issue:

1) Open Command Line (Win+R, type 'cmd', press Enter)

2) At the command prompt, type "unlodctr .NetFramework", and then press Enter

3) Use the 'cd' command to change to the 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v2.0.50727' folder

4) At the command prompt, type "lodctr corperfmonsymbols.ini", and then press Enter

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I tried all these commands, but for me the following worked well:

  • lodctr /r

This will rebuild the performance counters.

Congrats for dotMemory, great product!



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