Using dotMemory license key via license server

dotTrace section in the license server was used for dotTrace Memory 3.5 keys in the past. But since dotMemory 4.0 was released, a special section appeared in the licence server, called «dotMemory». This section is used for adding dotMemory keys.

dotMemory 4.0 finely works with dotTrace Memory 3.5 keys which were purchased after 1/1/2012.

You can add there newly purchased dotMemory 4.0 keys and old dotTrace Memory 3.5 keys as well.

To start using key you should do the following:

1. Install the last version of license server from here if you haven't one already.
Also there you can find documentation about installing and upgrading license server.

2. If dotMemory key was already added to «dotTrace» section, you should delete key from it.

3. Add dotMemory key to «dotMemory» section. Simply open dotMemory section in license server and click «Add Keys From Purchase E-mail» link in «License Keys» tab.

Enter your key in the form of:
User Name: <Your User Name>
License Key: <Your License Key>

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