"Network isolation database wasn't created, try to run under elevated account" error

Usually, this error is caused by:

- Using an account with limited permissions (please try to use an account with full administrator permissions);

- Incorrectly disabled Windows Firewall.

In some cases, the following may help:

1. Run the attached "Windows8LoopbackManager.exe" utility;

2. Check and then uncheck any checkbox, press "Save" button. If you see the empty list in this tool, highly likely your account has limited permissions.

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This doesn't help at all, because there is no description what to do.

Even worse - on my PC the tools stays empty, I cannot do anything. Manually adding the exemption did not change the situation.


Thank you for the feedback, I've updated the article.

Please submit a request to our support ("Submit a request" button in the upper right corner) if you are using an account with full administrator permissions and the issue still persists.


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