No source available in the HTML report

Displaying the covered sources depends on the access to the source code at the moment of the report creation. It may be limited in the coverage report in the following cases:


  1. The selected coverage tree node is high-level. 
    Try expanding nodes until reaching an underlined (as a hyperlink) node.
  2. Coverage was collected from a compiled application with no source files nearby. 
    For example, there is a built application (executable file, perhaps some DLLs and PDB files). This set of files was moved to another machine/location. Coverage can be properly collected from this application, since it has PDB files, but the source files are unavailable in this case.
  3. The coverage report was made from a dotCover snapshot with no source files nearby.
    From a dotCover snapshot *.dcvr you can always create a report in the desired format (using CLT or GUI). Assume the snapshot was moved to another machine/location. After that, a report was created based on this snapshot. Snaphot has reference paths to PDB files, which in their turn store absolute paths to source files. So, an HTML report created from a snapshot remaining at the location of creation will display sources, but not when the snapshot is moved.
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