Coverage does not finish and hangs at a certain number of tests


I am working on a large project that has several unit and integration tests for which we use NUnit and Resharper. When I run all the tests from the unit test explorer at a certain moment I get the message 'all unit tests are finished, but the test runner is still running'. If I choose to abort the test runner process, all the tests are green, and the number of tests equal the expected number. However, when I use the option 'cover unit tests' and want to run them all, it hangs at test 414 and I do not get the option to abort. Please help us here, as we have paid for a full license and we need to continue our work. We have Visual Studio 2019 latest update installed (not the preview) and also the latest resharper.

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Hello, could you please collect the logs using the following instruction and attach them with a new issue on our bug tracker so we could take a closer look at it? Thank you in advance!


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