dotCover not filtering at all

- Using the GUI application.
- I have unchecked the "Fitler out system and auxilary assemblies" (I'm trying to cover code in the Microsoft.* namespace)

I've set coverage filters
   - in the app settings:

   - in the launch settings:


And yet it fails to filter out any of that.

Is it not applying filters because I unchecked that box?


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Ekaterina Solovova
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Hello Garrett,

Unfortunately I see that there are indeed some problems with filtering in dotCover's standalone application:
1. Filters are not applied when you run coverage analysis by pressing "Analyze" button on "Welcome" screen and snapshots history is not empty;
2. Filters specified in the launch settings are applied incorrectly.

I've opened two new issues in our tracker:

In order to achieve correct filtering could you please try to do the following:
- leave "Filter out system and auxiliary assemblies" option unchecked;
- specify all your filters in the application settings (menu File / Edit Coverage Filters...);
- start coverage using menu File / Cover Application...

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Best regards.


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