Opening huge session with snapshots freezes dotMemory


I know I have an edge case use, but still. I wonder if it is possible or are there any switches/toggles that will allow me to open really big session (with snapshots)?

By big I mean for example: 131GB dmw file, which has 518GB size (as listed in the Workspaces list), the session was 55h long and contains 100 snapshots (most 33GB in size).

When opening such session, I need to choose "Continue Anyway":

This typically works and the session opens (while the UI is sluggish). I'm even able to choose a region and investigate allocations (while the UI is even more sluggish).

But the problem is in opening a specific snapshot, especially trying to see some reports insides (like Types etc).

System is Windows 10, has 32GB RAM and I've set 256GB page file size.

The effect is just "Not responding" and:

And the only thing I can do is just to kill the process.

Is there anything I can tweak to make it doable?

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Hi Konrad

I don't have any recommendations for you at this point, other than upgrading your computer with more RAM.
But if you provide us with dotTrace snapshots covering periods where you are "investigate allocations (while the UI is even more sluggish)" and especially "trying to see some reports insides (like Types etc)", chances are we will provide a fix during the current EAP program.
If you provide us with one of your dotMemory workspaces that you are experiencing performance issues with, it will be much easier for us to investigate all kinds of issues.


Sure, here are the traces - 

Happy to help if you need more questions.

PS. I haven't mentioned it previously - all what I described is after passing through all "Preprocessing snapshots" (although it takes some significant time). 


We will investigate mentioned problems. Once we download them :)


Thanks, Konrad.
We downloaded them, you can hide them.


Hi! It's me again.
I've performed quick investigation and found out that there is only one view consuming a lot of memory - "Inspections".
If you will not open it, all should be OK.
So, don't click controls marked with red on these screenshots.

Other problems we will fix later, thanks for the perfect data showing us slow algorithms :)


Ok Ed Pavlov, thanks for checking and waiting for fixes. Happy to help!


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