dotTrace: Differences between Timeline Viewer and Performance Viewer

I found the Subsystems panel in the old Performance Viewer to be very helpful, but now with the update to the new Timeline Viewer the results do not make as much sense anymore.  Please see the two attached screenshots, you can see that the new Timeline Viewer is saying that I spent 0ms in GC wait, but with the old Performance Viewer I get a much higher value.  Qualitatively this values makes a lot of sense to me - I can see it decrease as I improve the memory performance of a certain operation (based on results with dotMemory).  But the value in the Timeline Viewer never changes.

Can you explain why this is the case?


I'm not sure how to attach images but I used your "upload service" and this is the ID: Upload id: 2022_12_30_KwXDk1ZHfAuWwNmKNaZWxD (files: old.png, new.png)

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Thank you for reporting, we'll investigate this issue. You're welcome to follow the corresponding ticket in out tracker to get updates faster: [Garbage collection] isn't detected as "GC Wait" subsystem in sampling snapshot : DTRC-29061 (


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