CPU Usage data missing in timeline profiling on Linux

While looking at the profilers dumps I noticed that the CPU usage data is missing there.

To copmpare (Profiling done on Windows):

This profiling session done on Linux inside docker container (dottrace was installed inside the container)


As you can see, the CPU is missing there

Is there a magic setting that we're missing to have the CPU-related data on Linux?

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Hi Alexander.

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, we have no CPU-usage information on Linux. On Windows we collect Thread Context Switch events from Kernel and use them to build CPU charts. Whereas on Linux the only .NET-specific information is being collected.

We plan to support this feature on Linux and macOS in the next versions. Here is the related task: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PROF-1286/Support-profiling-of-native-apps-on-Linux-macOS

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