DotTrace- .net process - Failied to start profiling. Unable to Start Profiling. The System cannot find the path specified.

I am getting error while trying to start "dot trace", with selecting ".net process" in "New run Process" and "Trace" in "Profiling Type". Please help me with over coming this issue.


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What is the targeting .NET Framework of your profiled application?
What is dotTrace version? Please relaunch your profiled process and try to profile it again.

Does profiling start without any issues? If does not, please do these steps and send us all log folder:
  • Rerun your profiled process
  • Open dotTrace Home
  • Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F11 -> "Expert Options" window is opened
  • Check "Enable logs"
  • Enter 7 in "Core logs mask" or check "Com", "Api", "Bridge" checkboxes
  • Click "Save"
  • Reproduce your profiling scenario.
  • (!important) Close dotTrace Home
  • Send us the (%Temp%\JetLogs) folder with all log files in it

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