Not clear what thread is waiting for

I'm trying to figure out why an http request from my browser to my .net mvc application takes so long. Using DotTrace I've figured out that it's because it's in a waiting state for very long.

It's unclear however how to continue with this because there is not a lot of information as you can see in the screenshot. For example, what does "No Activating Thread" mean in this context?

What should I do to try and fix this?


You should always look into call tree or hotspot to find where to fix an issue (otherwise how you can find a piece of code where to fix).

As for "Activating by" filter, "No Activating Thread" means there were no information from which thread (or process) the wait was waken up. Anyway I don't think this information can help you, you narrowed the scope enough, just look at the call tree window, find where the lock was called and probably deduce why.


Thanks for the information!
I've looked at the Call stack and it doesn't show anything useful as far as I can tell.



At hotspots you can see lock calls (WaitForSingleObject). In call tree you can see these calls above your code if you "unfold" system folding (All Calls).

It looks like you need to figure out why it took so long for mvc framework to process requests. Probably there is a misconfiguration in framework or OS.


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