dotTrace command line tool for linux doesn't create save file when running on bash script


I am trying to attach a process and save a file from the dotTrace command line tool profiler, but when running it using bash script it create the save file but when running manually it does create the save file
this is the code I am running

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Thank you for contacting us.

We've created and run the sample script and the save file has been successfully created on closing the profiled application.
process=$(pidof <Application Name>)
screen -d -m ./dottrace attach $process --save-to=./snapshot.dtp
Note that the snapshot file creates on closing the profiled application, on timeout, or on pressing Ctrl+C in the profiling session.
Please reproduce your profiling scenario -> Close profiled application -> Check that the snapshot file is created.

If it does not, please run the sample script above and check if the snapshot file is created in this case in your environment.

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