Need to profile containerized application through Line By Line profile type.

Step 1 : Copy Remote Agent to your Container.

Step 2 : Start Remote Agent at container.

Step 3 : Connect to Container RemoteAgent from your machine.

Step 4 : Select Profile Application (Any Dotnet Application) & Profiler Options (Line by Line).

Step 5 :To capture the container running pid need to redeploy the node.

Step 6: After redeploying the node RemoteAgent stopped.

Need solution to capture dot trace Line By Line for containerized application.



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Could you please clarify what you are doing in step 5? What running PID do you need to get, what do you want to do with that PID, and why do you need to redeploy the container to get it?

When you redeploy container all processes including RemoteAgent will be restarted and you'll need to reconnect to RemoteAgent to start profiling session. Please perform connection when container is deployed and ready to start profiling session.

In general, we won't suggest you to use RemoteAgent because there is a dotTrace command line tool which is more suitable in this case.

You can copy it to your container and control profiling session with stdin or file. 

Command line tool is available to download on our site:

Please read more about command line tools in help:

You can also use 'dotTrace help' command to get more options.



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