No DotTrace ARMx86 Profiler??

I have a dotnet application that runs primarily on Linux-ARM x86 (A Raspberry Pi). One of the functions that I'm most interested in profiling is one that utilizes the Pi's GPIO to control LED strips.

I've looked fairly extensively, and I've not been able to find a remote profiling agent for this architecture. I've seen there's a winx86, linux-x64, linux-arm-x64...but not linux-arm-x86. 

So, I guess my question is - does this profiler just not exist? Considering how prevalent the RasPi is, it seems like arm-x86 would still be a very useful platform to support.

If not - are there plans on adding support...for reasons I just mentioned? And, if the answer to that is "no", then what is the suggested workaround?


Hi D8ahazard,

The linux-arm-x86 is very strange combination. NET v6.0 supports following architectures on Linux (taken from

  • linux-arm (Arm32)
  • linux-musl-arm (Arm32 Alpine)
  • linux-arm64 (Arm64)
  • linux-musl-arm64 (Arm64 Alpine)
  • linux-x64 (x64)
  • linux-musl-x64 (x64 Alpine)

As you see there is no any x86 architecture. Probably do you mean linux-arm or linux-musl-arm?

Anyway. Could you please vote here: ?

With best wishes,
Mikhail Pilin


Yep. That's exactly what I mean. Non-x64 linux-arm.


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