understanding / interpreting dotTrace timings

I have a dotTrace file where I am trying to track down some performance issues. I can see what methods are taking the longest for a given profiling sessions but I don't understand the timings associated to each node after drilling down in them.

The "ContainsAccount" call says it took a total of ~630,000 ms but drilling down into it, the max I see is 72,000 ms? Where is the other 558,000 ms? A similar issue for "GetJournalEntries". How do I read / interpret these timings? If there is a online resource for this please let me know.



The other 558,000 ms is own time of ContainsAccount method.

You can open Properties (Ctrl+Q) from context menu to get detailed information about selected method:

Also the icon to the left of a function can help to detect it. It informs you that the current function not only calls other functions, but also does some work. It visually represents the contribution to parent's node execution time. This description you can find in our online documentation: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/profiler/Reference__Legend_of_Performance_Profiling_Views.html#threads-tree


It's really not obvious and needs UX improvement. You're welcome to vote for this ticket: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DTRC-27404



Thank you for the quick response. I upvoted the ticket you called out. For now, I'll run with the suggestions you provided in the first comment.


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