Is it possible to configure dotCover to highlight partially covered statements in a specific colour?



I am using dotCover 2021.1.20210722.102121

When using the "Cover Unit Tests" option, and viewing the highlighted code in the Visual Studio 2019 IDE, I notice that dotCover behaves slightly different to Visual Studio's own Code Coverage tool.

Take this code example...

public int CalcNumber(int num1, int num2)
    return num1 > 2 ? num2 : ++num1;

When running the unit tests, dotCover will highlight the above "return" line in green. The Visual Studio Code Coverage tool will highlight it in a light orange colour, to indicate that it is partially covered, which is what I expected, as I wrote a unit test to cater for just the first part of the ternary statement.

Does dotCover support the ability to colour partially covered statements?




dotCover performs partially background highlighting of covered lines based on statements, for example

But the ternary conditional, null-coalescing and some other operators are counted as one statement in the runtime. 

It is a known issue DCVR-11537 “Null check operator '??' counts as one statement”. Please upvote it or leave a comment to subscribe to the issue and receive updates.


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