Is it possible to configure dotCover to highlight partially covered statements in a specific colour?


I am using dotCover 2021.1.20210722.102121

When using the "Cover Unit Tests" option, and viewing the highlighted code in the Visual Studio 2019 IDE, I notice that dotCover behaves slightly different to Visual Studio's own Code Coverage tool.

Take this code example...

public int CalcNumber(int num1, int num2)
    return num1 > 2 ? num2 : ++num1;

When running the unit tests, dotCover will highlight the above "return" line in green. The Visual Studio Code Coverage tool will highlight it in a light orange colour, to indicate that it is partially covered, which is what I expected, as I wrote a unit test to cater for just the first part of the ternary statement.

Does dotCover support the ability to colour partially covered statements?



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