How to exclude assemblies or namespaces in dotTrace?

The documentation states to configure profile options, but it either doesn't work, or I'm not doing it right.

In my application, we use Telerik third-party controls. When using dotTrace, almost every line is related to Telerik. I'm not interested in their code, I just want to see my own.

I've tried editing the "Process Filters" to 'Exclude filter masks' such as "Telerik*"

I've also tried editing the "Edit Filter" and selecting "Do no profile code in" and entering "Telerik.*" in assembly, or "Telerik.*' in class.

How to reproduce in Visual Studio:
0) Extensions=>Resharper=>Profile=>Run Startup Configuration Performance Profiling...
1) Selected my application
2) Selected Line-By-Line
3) Selected advanced option (mentioned above)

It would also be helpful if there were a way to search/filter things out in the dotTrace results.

As an aside, is it possible to see the list of events/methods in the order in which they occurred, instead of grouped by longest running methods?

Thanks in advance.

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It looks like the most convenient way to achieve your goal is using call tree folding:

About the way to search and filter things out: there is the Search function (Ctrl+F), also you can use the Timeline profiling mode which allows you to filter almost everything in a snapshot.

And about listing events/methods in the order in which they occurred: it is not possible, but in Timeline profiling mode you can select required time intervals and analyze them.


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