dotMemory IISExpress .NET 3.5

I have configure a new profile dotMemory as described at "" and I Run it.

OK, wainting for connection

I open the browser and run website, IIS Express process start but after 5sec crash or kill

If I run IISExpress from Visual Studio all works without problems, also because the purpose of buying this tool was to improve performance and to analyze what is in production today. Thanks.

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Could you please run this project from Visual Studio e.g. via "Run without debugging", then stop IIS Express manually (right click on icon in system tray -> Exit) and start profiling session via "ReSharper | Profile | Run startup project memory profiling"? Does profiling work properly in this case?


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HI, I did what you wrote. Below the error. The start project is selected and it's in bold from VIsual Studio.

The project is targeted .NET Framework 3.5.

Visual Studio 2015

Windows 10 Pro

below you can see the selected project to start

Exists any logs to find what happens?


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Unfortunately, "The startup project is not selected" is a known issue with older project versions: You're welcome to vote for this issue in our tracker.

Could you please try to do the following:

- Stop IIS Express

- Run dotMemory and select Local | .NET Process configuration

- Click Run and wait for "The profiling is running..." message

- Run your project from Visual Studio via "Run without debugging" and open web page

- Select iisexpress.exe process from the list of profiling processes in the profiling session view (upper left corner)

Does profiling work properly in this case?

If process still crashes, please perform the following:

- Open Windows Event Viewer and look for any application errors.

- Set up your system to collect crash dump. If you use VS debugger, follow this guide ,
otherwise configure procdump tool to create dumps automatically via procdump64.exe -i "C:\Temp\CrashDumps" -ma

You can upload the dump to our ftp:

Also please collect dotMemory logs for us. The logs should be collected from "IIS Express" not ".NET Process" configuration to avoid excess messages:

- Close standalone dotMemory and Visual Studio with integrated dotMemory
- Clear %temp%\JetLogs folder
- Go to dotMemory installation folder: %localappdata%\JetBrains\Installations\dotMemory[N]
- Using Windows command-line start dotMemory with arguments: /LogLevel=Trace
- Start creating a profiling session (e.g., on dotMemory Home page, choose Local | IIS Express)
- In the Profile Application window, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11
- In the Expert options dialog window, select the Enable logs checkbox
- Enable the next checkboxes: MetaDataGt; ModulePathGt; ClassRecoveryGt; FieldResolverGt; ClassGt; AppDomainRecoveryGt; ThreadRecoveryGt; MemoryDumpGt; AppDomainCb; ClassCb; GcCb; GcReferencesCb; ModuleCb; RuntimeCb
- Click Save
- Run the profiling session
- Perform the steps that lead to issue (wait for "Profiling session has finished")
- Close dotMemory
- Look for the logs in the %temp%\JetLogs folder

Thanks in advance!


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