dotTrace(s) with multiple class libraries

Part of my system has two class libraries (.Net Framework 4.8) that are accessed via endpoints on my localhost.



  • Library1 runs locally on port 1234 (http:localhost:1234/Library1)
  • Library2 runs locally on port 4567 (http:localhost:4567/Library2)


My question is this:
I can only seem to point to one of those processes at a time with dotTrace (JetBrains dotTrace 2020.2.4 Build 202.0.20200928.101935 built on 2020-09-28) and I connect via IIS Express Application. 
How would I capture profiling information for BOTH class libraries running if I can only connect to one at a time? 



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It is not recommended to profile several processes simultaneously because profiling of a process can affect the performance of another process.

But if you want to do so, there are a few possible ways:

- you can use the dotTrace console profiler (,

- you can run two instances of dotTrace Home (one under the standard account and another under the elevated account),

- you can run profiling from dotTrace Home and dotTrace integrated to Visual Studio or Rider.


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