dotTrace on Linux. Can't run profiling with profiling-type=Tracing


I'm using dotTrace for Linux, version 2020.2.4, downloaded from  this page .

I've successfully saved results using Sampling profiling type:

./ attach {myPid} --save-to=snapshots/samplig.dtp --timeout=30s --profiling-type=Sampling
According to What's New in dotTrace ,it supports Tracing profiling mode since version 2020.1, but when I run the next command:
./ attach {myPid} --save-to=snapshots/tracing.dtp --timeout=30s --profiling-type=Tracing
I've received  error: 
dotTrace Console Profiler 2020.2.4 build 777.0.20200925.65104. Copyright (C) 2020 JetBrains s.r.o.
Unrecognized value for <profiling-type>: Tracing
Some context information:
I'm running this command inside of the docker container running in k8s.
.Net Core runtime version: 3.1.9
Application target framework: netcoreapp3.1
OS: 32~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 6 10:03:22 UTC 2020
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Hi Oleg,

Tracing profiling type is not available in case of attaching because of technical limitations of .NET Framework/.NET Core. The only available profiling types, in this case, are Sampling and Timeline (on Windows; on Linux there is only Sampling).

We will correct the message shown by the console profiler in this scenario in the next version of dotTrace (2020.3, scheduled for early December).

Please sorry for the misleading.


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