Question about locating an Action

Hi all,


I'm looking at some code and there is an action that I cannot find the code for. The decompiled source looks like this:

// ISSUE: reference to a compiler-generated field
cDisplayClass70.sum = 0.0;
// ISSUE: reference to a compiler-generated field
cDisplayClass70.count = 0;
// ISSUE: method pointer
Action<double[], float[], double, double> action = new Action<double[], float[], double, double>((object) cDisplayClass70, __methodptr(\<Method1>b__0));

bool flag = var1 != null && var2 > 0;
if (!var3.HasValue)
if (flag)


And then it gets invoked like this:

action.Invoke(Array1, Array2, double1, double2);

But I cannot find the actual code for the action itself.

Action just traces base to mscor which is just the basic definition.

Can anyone provide me with some clues on where to find the code?







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