How can I trace back method invocations?

I'm looking for a way to trace back the callers of specific method. My goal is to make sure that all method calls were legitimate, especially if calls count is high or cost of a method invocation is high.

I tried to use the "plain list" to find the method with high number of invocations in desired namespace and then switched to the "call tree" to find the callers chain.

In our application we heavily use asynchronous calls and I find the "call tree" view as inconvenient for back-tracing method callers.

Are there any better option that allows drill down from method to callers?

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It looks like you need to use the Back Traces view. To see this view, you need to press Ctrl+T on a method (also you can use the context menu) and then switch to the view in the right panel. See this page for details:


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