Cannot find function in snapshot of dotTrace


I am facing an issue where I cannot find the function in snapshot taken by dotTrace.

I can see only jetBrain related functions in snapshot.

The application is  windows service in .NET core.

The application which has the method(we want to profile) gets data from two other .NET applications.So  we run those two applications also along with the main one.

Below are the steps I followed.

1st step: I point to  running application and click on RUN button in dotTrace

2nd Step: The below popup appears from dotTrace

3rd Step: We perform SEND operation in Postman and hit the application.The flow hits the function we want to profile.The response in Postman comes correctly from the function.

4th step: Then we click on GetSnapshot and Wait to capture - the method

5th Step: Snapshot processed, but they do not capture the method. This is the issue.


Please advise what I am missing here so that we can find the function in snapshot of dot Trace.





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Hi Manjit,


Am I right that you are attaching to the devenv.exe process? It is a process of Visual Studio, you need to attach the profiler to a dotnet.exe/w3wp.exe/iisexpress.exe process which hosts your application.


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