Universal Windows referenced project not appearing in Coverage Result

Tried using the Cover Application tool to generate a coverage report for a UWP project (A) that references another in the same solution (B).

This project B outputs a Windows Runtime Component, and its .pdb is being properly generated (as far as I understand), and can be found in the bin/debug folder of project A (along with its .winmd file and other references).

My coverage result, however, only has information about project A.

Selecting/deselecting "Match coverage results with current project structure" doesn't change this.

My filtering settings are not excluding system assemblies nor non-solution assemblies, though I think these settings shouldn't change anything as both projects are in the same solution. I also disabled every filter, but no luck.


I've tried both Cover Application and Cover Startup Project inside Visual Studio (extensions > resharper > cover). Both open the same Coverage Configuration window where I can then select project A in the WinRT Application menu.

Is what I'm trying to do here possible? Feels like I'm missing a step as it's only generating coverage for project A, though I can't find much information about WinRT in the documentation. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Created a new project to test it out and it works as expected with projects outputting Class Libraries, but not Windows Runtime Components. Is there no support for the latter?


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