Profiling core 3.0 project not working

Using 2020.1.2
I am choosing Profile local app> IIS Express > Choosing the configuration file of the app, entering my environment variables
Then i open the web browser and get this
When checking the event log this is what i see:

What should i do?



You need to manually stop IIS Express before the start of each profiling session (it can be done from a context menu on the IIS Express icon in the notification area of the taskbar), did you do that?

Do you have Visual Studio installed on the machine? Are you able to run this project from VS (without profiling)?


Hi Konstantin,

We do manually stop IIS Express every time, it doesn't help.

See error

We do have visual studio on the machine and there everything works great

Maybe it's related to this %LAUNCHER_PATH% in the error?



I see, thank you.

How was this application published? What configuration file was specified in the "Configuration file" field?

Could you please try to start profiling from the Visual Studio (Extensions - ReSharper - Profile - Run Startup Configuration Performance Profiling...) and check if the issue persists?

As a temporary workaround, you can profile your application as .NET Core executable from the ".NET Core Application" section of dotTrace Home (Kestrel web server will be used in this case).


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