Sql queries is not shown

Hello, I try to follow the Sql queries of my program, but the Sql queries filer is not shown in the events panel in the timeline viewer.

View | Sql queries says there are no events.

I'm using entity framework with Sqlite.



As you can see in the picture there is no Sql queries filter.

Any ideas?

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Is it a .NET Framework application or a .NET Core one? What OS are you using?

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In some situations SQL queries are not tracked if you attach dotTrace to a running process. Either start your application with dotTrace or apply the following workaround at registry: https://dotnettools-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000080419-There-may-be-no-SQL-events-in-a-Timeline-snapshot-if-it-was-taken-during-an-attach-session


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