Starting profiler from VS gives error when trying to start profile session

We have a Windows service with a serious performance issue. We use EF against SQL Server. So I want to start the service form VS (runs as console app then) and start a timeline trace, while we feed the service some messages (done by writing to a specific table which is used as an input channel). However when I select  Resharper - Profile - Run Application Performance Profiling ... I get the following error box:
Failed to start profiling: Unable to start profiling. Unable to connect elevated process: E_FAIL Unspecified error. A profiler starts, but I have to close the modal error box, and then the profiler window closes as well
What would be the correct way to get timeline trace (with sql) info while running form VS?

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I've answered you in the corresponding support ticket.

Please send us all log files from %temp%/JetLogs and %systemroot%/Temp/JetLogs folders.


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