HideAutoProperties availability in XML config file

I'm trying to configure coverage metrics for my project, and would like to exclude autoproperties. It's working as expected when running in VS, but the console runner does not pick it up from the XML file. I'm configuring a build pipeline with some properties in the .xml file that lives with the project, and others defined on the command line. I would prefer to set the ExcludeAutoProperties value in the XML file rather than force it on every project that uses the pipeline. I haven't found it in the documentation, is it possible?

I've tried putting it in the XML as


But it does not seem to have excluded the autoproperties.

I know the XML is being picked up by dotCover, as that's where the TargetExecutable is being specified, and my other exclude filters are functioning.

I'm running the dotcover-cli 2019.1 package, installed with chocolatey.


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