Crashing (freezing) dot memory

I have saved a workspace and when I open the third capture in it, dot memory will use up all of the existing free memory (26 gigs) and then freeze.

However, it doesnt always happen, and after opening the last capture, I need to go splosh around in the results before it will suddenly happen.

My question is, "Is this more likely to be a problem with our application or with dot memory?"  

(Due to confidentiality, I don't think I can upload the workspace.)


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Could you please provide information how many snapshots were taken and how many objects were contained in each of them?

Probably this issue occurs because snapshot contains large data amount. Please try to finish profiling session (kill or detach from profiled application) and open snapshot only when pre-calculation is completed to minimize the number of concurrent tasks. You can find pre-calculation progress bar in the bottom right corner of dotMemory window.

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Hi Anna,

Thank you for answering.

I am able to complete the snapshot process and save it to file.  I can then re-open the workpiece later inspect it by clicking on the name "snapshot1" and then selecting type and cause it to crash again.  Not all snapshots of this app taken in the last two days have resulted in a crash when opened, but most did.

It doesn't crash until I open it, and I don't know what steps from there if any are required.

Here is an image of the ones that crashed. if I opened them, and mucked around, either one would crash.

Also, I included a screenshot of the memory usage with it apparent where I clicked on the tab to investigate specific memory fields..   

Also Dot Memory has worked just fine on this application being developed for months as recently as a week ago, and it only started this behavior a few days ago.

Also I reinstalled dot memory yesterday and it didn't help.



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What object set view (Types or Simular Retention or probably something else) do you use when select the type?

Have you recently updated the product version?

Please collect dotMemory trace logs:

- Close standalone dotMemory
- Clear %temp%\JetLogs folder
- Go to dotMemory installation folder: %localappdata%\JetBrains\Installations\dotMemory[N]
- Using Windows command-line start dotMemory with arguments: /LogLevel=Trace
- Perform the steps that lead to issue
- Look for logs in the %temp%\JetLogs folder

You can upload your logs to our ftp and provide file name here.



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