Code Coverage fails with error 'Jump to invalid address'


When I attempt to cover my unit tests using dotCover bundled with ReSharper Ultimate, I get this error:

2020.01.09 12:41:15.216   ERROR Coverage analysis: Profiler message: Jump to invalid address
[location] = C:\BuildAgent\work\7ddb9661d6f74f1e\Profiler\Kernel\Windows\Native\Solution\core\src\IL\InjectILMethod.MainPass.cpp(388)
[function] = unsigned long __cdecl InjectILMethod::Translate(unsigned long,bool)
[token] = 060001DA, MethodDef
[method name] = .ctor

The tests run fine and pass, they just aren't being covered by dotCover. Not sure what to do.


The question is handled in the corresponding issue on our bug tracker: DCVR-9897. The reason for the issue is incompatibility between PDB and IL code.


I have the same issue and I know exactly what caused it. I added a comment to DCVR-9897, please take a look and let us know if there is a workaround.


Hi team,

I'm integrating the Code Coverage functionality of ReSharper and dotCover with Telerik JustMock and found this very same problem with this integration. Tests that do not generate mocks using Telerik JustMock are OK and covering works as expected, but the ones that include mocks generate the 'Jump to Invalid Address' error. I have the latest 2022 version from JetBrains dotUltimate. Has this somehow been solved?


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