Dotcover coverage of xx.exe in the test source

In the .net C# program we want to use test coverage of exe file by using the test source of C#(Nunit3).

Coverage of the test source is normal and the exe file is successful excuted. but ,it wasn't able to make the coverage of exe file. 


In the test.dll there is calling of XXX.exe ,and below command of dotcover is excuted.

>dotcover.exe cover --targetExecutable="C:\Program Files\NUnit 2.6\bin\nunit-console.exe" --targetArguments="C:\test\test.dll /xml="C:\Coverage\Cover.xml" --output=CoverageReport.html --reportType=HTML

please help me ,thank you very much.

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Scope infos was also added in the Setting  XML 

<ScopeEntry>C:\test/*.dll</ScopeEntry> <ScopeEntry>C:\test/*.exe</ScopeEntry>

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