Code Coverage problem


I am having a problem with dotCover integrated with Visual Studio where I run a set of tests, and while the tests are running the "Unit Test Coverage" window is updated correctly, and the code is highlighted accordingly in the source code window, but when all of the tests are complete the coverage data goes away (with the source code highlighting) as if it loads a previous set of coverage data.

On September 04, 2019 I posted the same problem here where Ekaterina Solovova responded and ask me to Drop the coverage data and re-run the unit tests in the solution, which fixed the problem that time.  Now I have the same problem and dropping the coverage data isn't working.  I've also verified that PDB files are being generated and nothing is filtered out.

I'm not sure what to try next.



I am very sorry to hear the issue persists and I beg your pardon for a delay in reply. Could you please enable Trace logs, cover tests in question and send us the logs from JetLogs folder? Please use the following article: Troubleshooting dotCover. Thank you in advance!


Right now it's working, but the next time it happens I will send the logs.  I found that deleting the following directory seems to fix it for a few days:



Hello Eric,

Thank you for keeping me posted. Do not hesitate to contact us any time.


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