code coverage report is not correct.


When i am generating report in visual studio 2017 with dot cover it showing 44% coverage for project "A" , But when I am generating reports through command line tool package it shows 8%.

& other project it shows 68% in visual & using  command line tool it shows 60%.

Project name    Visual studio(with dot cover) %        Command Line (dot cover) tool %

AA                            44%                                                 8%

BB                           68%                                                 64%


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Ekaterina Solovova
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dotCover command-line tool shows coverage data for all assemblies loaded during your application run if they have corresponding PDB-files (or contain embedded PDBs).

In Visual Studio you, most probably, see only your solution-assemblies (it depends on what action you start to get coverage results - cover unit tests, cover startup project or cover application, and on dotCover filtering options (ReSharper >> Options >> dotCover >> Filtering).

Could you please provide more details on your case?


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