Cannot start dotCover remotely


I have following cmd for dotCover start, it works fine locally. According to the processes dotCover.exe create child process dotCover.exe, and child dotCover.exe creates new one child process JetBrains.Profiler.PdbServer.exe. After that one dotCover.exe process disappears and I have two processes only: dotCover.exe and JetBrains.Profiler.PdbServer.exe and in console output I can see that code coverage session has been started.


"D:\DotCover\v1.5.6\packages\jetbrains.dotcover\2019.1.1\dotCover.exe" cover-iis D:\DotCover\v1.5.6\profiles\configuration.xml /Output=D:\DotCover\v1.5.6\snapshots\configuration.servername.20190806133628.dcvr /LogFile=D:\DotCover\v1.5.6\logfiles\configuration.servername.20190806133628.log /LogLevel=Verbose /Instance=Instancev1

When I`m starting dotCover.exe on the remote server using the same cmd I can see in the process dotCover.exe only, and it even don't trying to create child dotCover.exe or JetBrains.Profiler.PdbServer.exe processes. Tried to execute it remotely using Powershell Invoke-Command, PS-Session, PSExec, - output is always the same.

Could someone advise how to start dotCover.exe on the remote machine? Is it some functional restrictions or dotCover is session dependent? 

Thanks in advance!


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Ekaterina Solovova
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Hello Arthur,

Could you please provide dotCover's output and log file from the remote server?


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