Profiling of ASP.Net application on IIS not working as expected


I'm currently running the trial of dottrace and trying to profile our ASP.Net application running locally on my IIS. Unfortunately, it does not work as expected, because I don't see our code in the Call Tree or Methods and Subsystems. It just says 84% "native stack traces with unresolved functions". When I select the interval filter "Incoming HTTP Requests" this number goes up to 97%.

What can I do to get a better result? In the end I would like to profile a specific request to our application and want to know, what part of the application is slow and what (and how many) DB requests are executed.

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It is normal that snapshots captured from IIS contain a large amount of native code in call tree because IIS is a native application itself. Please try to find your code in call tree by search (Ctrl+F).


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