dotCover removes Azure Function App projects from code coverage results



We're experiencing a problem with dotCover where the code coverage analysis seems to be running ok, but where our Azure Function App projects are removed directly after the coverage analysis completes.

The following happens in order:
- Start the Code Coverage
- All projects except the Function projects will be shown in the overview
- Test start running, Function projects will be shown, and the coverage increases during testing
- Testing finishes, Function projects are removed from the code coverage overview
- There will be no coverage indicators in the code of the Function projects

When this happends, we can clear the "CoverageData" folder located in "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\JetBrains\ReSharperPlatformVs16\vAny_3d98eed4\CoverageData" and the problem will disappear for some time, later it will reoccur.

VS 2019 Pro
dotCover 2019.1.1
R# Ultimate 2019.1.1
Windows 10 64-bits


I've uploaded an attachement ( with the following contents:

- - Contents of the "CoverageData" folder. When you extract this to this folder, the issue will occur

- - Test solution containing one Funtion app project, one .NET standard project and two UnitTest (MSTest) projects testing each project

- Excluded.dcvr - Code Coverage snapshot where the Function project has been removed by dotCover

- Included.dcvr - Code Coverage snapshot where the Function project is included by dotCover (taken directly after clearing the "CoverageData" folder


Please advise on what can be the issue here.


Kind regards,


Geert-Jan Smulders

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I also sent this in as a support request and this issue is now resolved.


It appeared that the value "<AzureFunctionsVersion>1</AzureFunctionsVersion>" was accidentally removed from my project file. After restoring the entry, the code appeared in the coverage results again.


Thanks to the support team for solving this issue!


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