buy dotTrace for Rider (Ubuntu)

Hello JetBrains-Community,

dotTrace is available for linux in Rider Version 2019.1. But for now dotTrace is only part of Resharper Ultimate, and can't be bought separatly. I have only Rider and use it under Linux. Does anyone know if JetBrains plans to add it to the Rider purchase or add the possibility to buy it separatly for linux? Or am I forced to buy Reshaprer Ultimate? This would be a downside, because I would lose my 3rd year discount.

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Hi Christian,


Unfortunately no, you need to have Rider+ReSharper Ultimate license. But I think that in your case there is a way to save your discount - please contact our sales for details:

Please note that only Mono and Unity profiling are currently available in dotTrace on Linux, there is no .NET Core profiling yet.



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