Unable to start profiling

Has anyone seen this error when trying to start profiling IIS?:


D:\>dotmemory start-iis --trigger-timer=10m -m=20 -c
dotMemory Console Profiler 2019.1.1 build 191.0.20190501.132557. Copyright (C) 2
017-2019 JetBrains s.r.o.
Performs memory profiling of .NET applications

> W3SVC start
Unable to start profiling.

Could not create the System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TSGateway\Parameters Registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive..


Seems  like dotmemory is trying to create some registry entries - why?  I am running the command prompt as administrator, so permissions should be fine, and it also happens even if I add the --as-admin flag to the command.

Thanks for your help.



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We answered you in support ticket.

dotMemory needs to restart all iis processes including dependent services to start iis under profiling. As we can see in your logs, profiler doesn't able to change variables for the one if dependent services due to lack of rights and as a result can't start profiling at all. Probably this service has special rights settings to its directory.

As a workaround you can try to start iis profiling as Windows Service. This profiling configuration allows to disable starting dependent services under profiler.


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