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I have a server which runs many sites, each under their own application pool.  I want to profile one specific site, and I want to capture call stack information as well so I can drill down into the Creation Stack Trace.  I can start IIS under profiling to do what I am after like this:

dotmemory start-iis --trigger-timer=30s -m=20 -c

Which works great, and captures a snapshot every 30 seconds, max 20, and includes call stack information.  However, on the live server, I only want to do this for ONE application pool.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible please. and if so, how?  I know that I can take snapshots of running applications, and I know I can attach to a specific running process in IIS, but that does not give me the ability to drill down into the callstack, which I am after.  Is it possible?

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Unfortunately, it's impossible now. dotMemory allows you to filter out the processes by process name only but all IIS processes have the same name.

The possibility to filter profiled processes by command line text could help in your case. You're welcome to vote for this issue:


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