dotCover - Unit tests session window always hides after restarting Visual Studio


I'm just testing dotCover within it's trial period and have the following problem:

I would like to always have the unit test session window shown on the left side of Visual Studio to immediatelly can see the results of the tests, like in this screenshot I made:

I have added all the test projects used in this solution to the test project and test coverage works fine in this way, also automatically adding new tests to the session, if I write new unit tests.

But my problem is, that this window is always remove when Visual Studio is exiting.

On next time starting Visual Studio this window does not show automatically anymore.

That's a bit annoying to always have to restore this window manually.

I already made sure the option "Save and restore Unit Test Sessions" is enabled, like you can see here:

But the window does not show when I restart Visual Studio.

Is there any other option I missed?

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