DotCover Analyse sample.xml creates xml report but does work when ReportType is specified as html report. Any ideas?

DotCover Analyse sample.xml creates xml report but doesnt show html report when report type is selected as HTML.  Any ideas? Please suggest.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

C:\Source\Iris-IWF>dotcover analyse sample.xml
JetBrains dotCover Console Runner 2018.2.3. Build 777.0.20180912.160624
Copyright (c) 2009-2018 JetBrains s.r.o. All rights reserved.
[JetBrains dotCover] Not used xml parameter: 'ReportType'
[JetBrains dotCover] Coverage session started [13/12/2018 1:56:25 PM]
NUnit Console Runner 3.9.0
Copyright (c) 2018 Charlie Poole, Rob Prouse

I get Not used parameter 'ReportType'

And its generates codeAnalysis.html  which is as xml



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I have this exact same issue.  The output says "[JetBrains dotCover] Not used xml parameter: 'ReportType'".  And it generates an output file with an html extension as expected.  But the contents of the file are actually XML, not HTML.  I'm not on the exact same build as you, but fairly close.  I'm running 2018.2.1, which looks like it was built two weeks prior to your build.  Did you ever figure out what was causing this?


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