When I decompile and export dll then [CompilerGenerated] code gets inserted,unable to compile in Visual Studio 2017

I am using JetBrains dotpeek. When I decompiled my dll and exported source code in visual studio 2017 then some anonymous code got inserted. eg.

if (MyController.\u003C\u003Eo__14.\u003C\u003Ep__0 == null)
// ISSUE: reference to a compiler-generated field
MyController.\u003C\u003Eo__14.\u003C\u003Ep__0 = CallSite<Func<CallSite, object, Func<DateTime, string>, object>>.Create(Binder.SetMember(CSharpBinderFlags.None, "FormatTime", typeof (MyController), (IEnumerable<CSharpArgumentInfo>) new CSharpArgumentInfo[2]
CSharpArgumentInfo.Create(CSharpArgumentInfoFlags.None, (string) null),
CSharpArgumentInfo.Create(CSharpArgumentInfoFlags.UseCompileTimeType, (string) null)

 Can you suggest me how can I retrieve complete source code and compile or remove above code snippet without getting any compilation error.

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