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Hi there, I am using the new Import Dump feature in beta and am very grateful for it. It has already proven useful diagnosing issues in production code on site but I have a question...

I have two full dumps taken several seconds apart and want to compare them to look for a memory leak. Ideally I would like to import them both into the same workspace as "snapshots" but that doesn't seem to be available. I next tried importing each into their own workspace and using the cross workspace compare. I haven't used this with regular dotMemory workspaces so am not 100% sure if what I am seeing is wrong but it certainly seems counter intuitive.

Rather than sorting the objects so you can see the "delta" between the two snapshots the first workspace are in Objects(A) and the second in Objects(B) for an example see below.

I would expect the objects in both "snapshots" to be on the same row with a count/delta in each column so you could compare the two.
This output appears to have limited utility as a compare...

Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue with the beta software?

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Hello Miles,

This bug was fixed in 2018.1 version:

Sorry for inconvenience.


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