Gutter code coverage not working


Visual Studio Version: 15.7.5

DotCover / Resharper Versions: 2018.1.3

NUnit Version: 3.10.1

NUnit3TestAdapter Version: 3.10.0

So unit test coverage shows up in the Unit Test Coverage window.  If I export to HTML from that window I can see coverage and it will show the line coverage in the code.  However, the gutter code coverage does not work.  Every box is gray and says "Statement uncovered by tests" even though the Unit Test Coverage window and the HTML both say the line is covered.  Furthermore, if I use the "Show Covering Tests" option, it says "Method X is not covered by tests".

I'm using NUnit, I'm not using a .testsettings or a .runsettings file, I've tried turning on and off "Shadow-copy assemblies being tested", and I have tried running the coverage with all the other ReSharper test runners (, MsTest, JavaScript Tests) support turned on and off.  Nothing seems to work and I've spent hours on trying to fix this issue.  What do I do?

Unit Test Coverage Window

Code with gutters

Show covering test

HTML Export

Unit Test Settings

NUnit Settings


So no support or acknowledgement at all after several days?  This is how you treat your paying customers?


Same problem here. Would be nice to solve this JB.


After going back and forth with their customer service for about a month they finally told me that to get this to work correctly you have to have the latest version of this NuGet library:

I upgraded from version 15.0.0 to 15.8.0 and now it works.  They claim this isn't a "requirement" but obviously it is.  I think they are just too lazy to update their documentation. 

"We found out that there is a peculiarity in Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk 15.0.0:
But, in our environment, everything works fine when using Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk 15.0.0 with some trivial unit tests. So the problem is about the combination of Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk 15.0.0 + some specific NUnit version + unit tests themselves. That's why there are no requirements for a specific version of a specific NuGet package for dotCover."


I've been a customer and supporter of their products for over 9 years and the one time I have a problem they treat me like crap.  I'm very turned off on them after this whole affair and I'm considering switching to NCrunch:


Permanently deleted user


I'm sorry for the bad experience that you had with our product.

I'd like to make things a bit clearer: when we said that there are no requirements for a specific version of any NuGet package for dotCover we meant that the problem you faced is a bug which occurs in some specific environment (using of Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk 15.0.0 is an insufficient condition) and not an intentional limitation. Unfortunately, we didn't meet this bug before your request. As we said in our private response to you we keep investigating the issue. The investigation takes a lot of time because we couldn't reproduce the problem locally, so I've been comparing the source code of Microsoft test SDK and NUnit test adapter of different versions in order to understand what is going on. We asked you to update test SDK version just to check our hypothesis, we didn't mean that you have to always use the latest SDK versions.

Now the investigation is almost over (please see this issue in our tracker: The fix is expected to be available in the next minor release.


I posted this a month ago and got no response.  I emailed tech support and did not get a response until I threatened to get a refund.  Now that I've publicly outted your failings on this forum you finally decided to respond.  That's not acceptable.

Had you responded in a timely matter and actually let me know the issue sooner without a month of back and forth with your customer service agent I wouldn't have had to do your job for you and help your other customers.  I don't see why it's so difficult for you to post on a page like your Troubleshooting page ( or on your Known Issues page ( a mention that CURRENTLY if you are having this issue updating to the latest version of Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk to fix it.

So don't try to publicly shame me for sharing a "private response" when you and your team can't answer your customers questions.  I'm actually helping your customers while you are trying to cover up something that's not even worth covering up.  I can't imagine anyone being upset or put out by being told to update this NuGet package. 

I'll be seriously considering if I want to resubscribe to your product when my subscription runs out.

Permanently deleted user

I didn't mean to shame you in any way. Really sorry if I sound like this! Unfortunately, I didn't know the exact conditions leading to the issue until yesterday night, and I was in constant contact with our customer service agent consulting him on what info could help me with the investigation.


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