dotTrace: Invalid cor header size, version 2.0 expected

I'm trying to use dotTrace to profile my web application and when I click 'get snapshot and wait' I get the error in the subject. Also,


-- Message #0

Invalid cor header size, version 2.0 expected
  [location] = C:\Build Agent\work\2e477e1decf4e7a0\dotCommon\Native\Shared\include\jb/portable_executable/readers.hpp(205)
  [function] = void __cdecl jb::portable_executable::read_image_com_data_directory<struct jb::portable_executable::memory_adapter>(struct jb::portable_executable::memory_adapter &&,const bool,const class std::vector<struct jb::IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER,class std::allocator<struct jb::IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER> > &,const struct jb::IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY &,class std::vector<unsigned char,class std::allocator<unsigned char> > &)
  [module ID] = 07200010
  [module name] = C:\git\nopCommerce\Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins\bin\RoastedBytes.Nop.SwissKnife.dll


Any ideas?




I answered you yesterday by email.

This error often caused by an obfuscation. Are there any obfuscated libraries in your application?


Sorry your reply got caught in our spam filter. We are using some third party libraries that may be obfuscated, I'll check. Is there any work around to this problem?


It looks like RoastedBytes.Nop.SwissKnife.dll library causes this error.

As far as I know, there is no workaround in this case, but I'll consult with our developers and come back to you on Monday.


Unfortunately there is no workaround. We can try to find the workaround after investigating of RoastedBytes.Nop.SwissKnife.dll library, but as far as I understand you can't send the library to us, right?


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