Working tests never return when being covered



I have a couple of integration tests that tests a class which uses SSH.NET to upload a file via SSH.

Tests work fine when running in Resharper (ctrl-u ctrl-r) but never return when running in dotCover (ctrl-u ctrl-h).

It seems dotCover is still waiting for something before starting to analyze the coverage.

Any idea how to get it working or at least tag the tests to ignore them in dotCover?

I'm using Resharper Ultimate 2017.3.3 with dotCover 2017.3.3.

Here is the stripped down and anonymized classes

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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hi John,

I don't see anything unusual in files provided. Usually dotCover does not exit because it waits for all profiled processes to exit first. So could you please check that they exited? You can do this with tools like Process Explorer.


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