DotCover Console Runner and TargetArguments wildcards

Hi, I am setting up some configuration files for our Code Coverage in order to have the same settings on all dev machines and on TFS.

The problem I am facing right now is the poor flexibility of the configuration file. At the moment we run Code Coverage on all our test assemblies and what I found very inconvenient is the <TargetArguments> configuration element.

At the moment, if I want to specify multiple test assemblies, I have to be very verbose as following:

../src/xxx.Bus.Fixtures/bin/debug/xxx.Bus.Fixtures.dll ../src/xxx.Commands.Fixtures/bin/debug/xxx.Commands.Fixtures.dll

While other frameworks like MsBuild Code Coverage or NCover allows me to use wildcards as following:


With the second option, I do not need to update the configuration file, every time a developer creates a new Test Assembly.

Is this an option possible on DotCover but not yet documented?

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