Snapshot Comparison (seems too simple)


Application: Winforms, .NET

I am looking at snapshots where I 

1) do a GC

2) take a snapshot

3) do many UI operations suspect of memory leaks

4) go back to location in application where took last snapshot

5) do a GC

6) take another snapshot

If I have the exact .NET used amount (e.g. "46.02 MB .NET, used") for both snapshots (on Profiling tab), are there no memory leaks? That is what I am seeing.

What are the caveats - what am I missing? Just starting with dotMemory and this seems too simple.  



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You can open snapshots comparison view to investigate difference between them. The Comparison view provides details on how many objects were created between snapshots and how many objects were collected. If a class should not have new instances but it does, than it is, probably, the cause of the leak. Besides, you can pay your attention on memory traffic.

Nevertheless, it's one of the possible way to investigate memory leaks.

Some simple use cases are described in these tutorials:

You're welcome to explore them.

Also we suggest you to read the book written by our technical writer:

This book is about our vision of best practices in finding and solving memory issues in .NET applications.


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